The Regular Program

Those that would prefer to only take Ballet, Jazz and Beginner Tap classes can do so under the Regular Program tuition rates.

PLUS Program

All-inclusive Classical Ballet and Musical Theater Programs allow the students to be enrolled in all their evaluated classes for one fee.

GOLD Program

The GOLD Program offers all the classes from the Extension Program with the addition of a few specialized classes. Acrodance 3 is the most advanced class for the fusion of gymnastics and dance. Broadway-Voice/Theatre and Broadway dance is especially designed for those interested in pursuing a Musical Theatre path. And lastly, Dance Dynamics builds skills to perform such contemporary moves that you will find in movies and shows such as the hit series So You Think You Can Dance?

The Dance Conservatory offers three types of Payment Plans for its Fall and Spring Tuition.
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Nine Installments
Fall/Spring Semesters
Fall & Spring
Full Payment
(one class/week)
$55$202 / $252$439
Intermediate$85$323 / $404$683
Intermediate PLUS$100$381 / $476$820
Intermediate GOLD$115$436 / $545$936
Apprentice$105$400 / $500$864
Apprentice PLUS$125$474 / $592$1025
Apprentice GOLD$135$513 / $642$1,110
Pre-Professional$145$551 / $688$1189
Pre-Professional PLUS$155$589 / $736$1,274
Pre-Pro/Company$165$628 / $785$1,363

Details & Fees

  • All Tuition for Semesters and Fall & Spring Annual Payments are to be paid within 10 days of due date.
  • Tuition is due at the student’s first class of the semester or month. A $3 billing fee will be added to each billing statement sent.
  • There is a $25 charge for a returned check.
  • Tuition is a Program Fee and is not based on the number of classes per week.
  • There is a $15 Registration fee each year. Students dropping out from the prog ram need to inform the school in writing 14 days before they stop attending classes. Otherwise their billing
    cycle will continue.
  • Reapplication fee of $15 for students who have missed a payment installment and re‑enrolls in the program.
  • First and second members of a family pay full tuition, the rest pay half tuition.
  • Private voice and dance classes are available.
  • Students in the December Workshop must pay the Fall semester or thru the fourth tuition installment. Students in the June Workshop must pay the Spring semester or thru the ninth tuition