The Dance Conservatory offers a Classical Ballet based program. It’s syllabus and methodology incorporates traditional and mainstream styles, including Russian, Balanchine, and Bournonville techniques. Classes of other dance styles including Jazz, Modern, Tap, Theatre Dance, Acrodance, Voice and more, supplement this program.

PLUS Program

The PLUS Program is an extension of The Regular Program. Students who opt for the PLUS Program are eligible for additional classes, such as Performance, AcroDance, DramaChor, and Advanced Tap, to supplement their current training.

GOLD Program

The GOLD Program offers all the classes from the Extension Program with the addition of a few specialized classes. Acrodance 3 is the most advanced class for the fusion of gymnastics and dance. Broadway-Voice/Theatre and Broadway dance is especially designed for those interested in pursuing a Musical Theatre path. And lastly, Dance Dynamics builds skills to perform such contemporary moves that you will find in movies and shows such as the hit series So You Think You Can Dance?


Introduces and explores the basics of dance, the creative expression of movement.
Further explores the elements of dance in a more intensive, progressive based structure.
Students progress to more advanced levels of movement and artistic comprehension and expression.
Explores and incorporates advanced technique, style, and artistry to the students’ training.